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Double-slotted extruded polystyrene sheet

Huamei plastic extruded plates are serial products developed through special technique according to the requirements of exterior wall insulation system. For external insulation system for thin plaster exterior wall, there are pattern coating and stucco coating (coarse stucco and fine stucco) with both-side notches on the coating, which have the following features: easy and convenient operation, increased mortar adhesion area and enhanced adhesion strength, and all of these ensure sound stability, weather resistance and durability of the external insulation system for the exterior wall. Huamei plastic extruded plates are the best choice for exterior wall insulation system.



Item Unit Specification Test Method
CompressIve Strength Kpa ≥150 GB/T 8813-1988
Water Absorption 96h
%(V/V) ≤1.0 GB/T 8810-1988
ng/(m?s?pa) ≤3.0 QB/T 2411-1998
Conductivity facto
Average temperature 10℃ 25℃
W/(m?k) ≤0.028 ≤0.030 GB/T 10294-1988
Dimension stability
% ≤1.5 GB/T 8811-1988
Oxygen index   ≥26 GB/T 8826-1988


Item Unit Size
Length mm 1800,1200
Width mm 600,900,1200
Thick mm 20,25,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100
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