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Dienes Cryogenic Temperature Insulation Rubber Foam

Alkadiene cryogenic thermal insulation materials in cryogenic environment ,has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity,lower density and good crack,effective insulation,good flame -retardant performance , good moisture resistance,durable and long is widely used in the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), pipelines, petrochemicals industry, industrial gases, and agricultural chemicals and other piping and equipment insulation project and other heat insulation of cryogenic environment.

Technical index

test item test method performance index
density GB/T6343-2009 55-75
Conductivity factor W/(m?k) Average temperature-196℃ GB/T10294-2008 0.0127
Average temperature-165℃ 0.0169
Average temperature-130℃ 0.0186
Average temperature-130℃ 0.0212
Average temperature-110℃ 0.0231
Average temperature-100℃ 0.0242

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