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Tercomflex (EPDM)High-temperature Rubber Foam

Tercomflex rubber foam insulation as a soft insulation material adopted the EPDM rubber which known as "no cracks rubber"as raw material made of foaming.With stable performance,anti-cracking,resistance to high and low temperature,and high elasticity and so on,Excellent corrosion resistance makes the product not easy to aging,this product is convenient and simple to install,and using long life,Operating temperature range is from -55℃ to 125℃, intermittent use up to 175℃. Specially used in medium insulation of the lower and higher temperatures.Such as automotive air-conditioning insulation,Similarly the product is also suitable for all parts of general rubber (NBR / PVC) insulation.and greater extent to improve the anti-aging and insulating properties of insulation parts.In order to meet the requirements of the European Union and other countries that products without halogen and requirements of certain industries prohibited the use of of halogen-containing product ,this product can be customized halogen-free corrosive elements.Halogen free products can be guaranteed stainless steel,brass pipe insulation is not easily corrode.


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