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Class 0 Mlex Rubber Foam Insulation

Class 0 Mlex is a high quality rubber foam insulation heat-insulating and heat-preservation material that was launched by Huamei Group at latest .Huamei Group use butyronitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride(NBR,PVC) as main raw materials through foaming and other special procedures to forming the soft and closed-pore foaming heat-insulating materials.Without Chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) and Formaldehyde.The performance of heat and conductivity factor was lasting and stable and the fire-proof performance is higher(the oxygen index≥40%).

Class 0 Mlex are widely used in the heat-insulation and heat-preservation of various pipes and equipments ,such as the central air conditioners,separate air conditioners,construction,medicine,chemical and appliance.It was the best option for the customer who strives for perfection.





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